Non-Attendance Tickets


If you would like to show your support for Liam but are unable to make it to Cork for the match, you can still get involved by purchasing a non-attendance ticket.


For €5 + €2 P&P, you will receive a commemorative non-attendance e-ticket and a souvenir match day brochure, and the chance to win a jersey signed by both teams.

All proceeds will go to the Liam Miller Testimonial Fund.

We greatly appreciate your support.

Thank you.

Tickets Sold 1,149 @ €7 each €8,043 gross
Postage Costs (stamps) €1,128
PayPal (paid by Moshoppa) €0
Packaging (paid by Moshoppa) €0
Note Total for Fund €6,920

We will round it up to €7000